EmPOWERing the Future

Responding to Government of India’s Mission 2012 for providing “POWER FOR ALL”, the Navayuga Group is venturing into power generation in a big way by building an installed capacity of about 6,000 MW. The portfolio includes both thermal power as well as hydroelectric power generation projects.

Thermal Power Projects: Navayuga Power is developing a coal based 1980 MW mega thermal power project at Krishnapatnam near the Krishnapatnam Port in Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh. The station will comprise 2 units of 660 MW supercritical power generating units in phase I and another 660 MW supercritical generating unit in Phase II. The first phase of the project is scheduled to be commissioned during 2018.

Navayuga Power is also developing a coal based 4x 660 MW thermal power project at Astaranga in the state of Orissa.

The projects have been conceived by incorporating features that underline clean development mechanism. The essential features include the steam generators designed for optimized combustion and working at supercritical temperature and pressure leading to increased efficiency in the turbine and consequent reduction in fuel consumption and emissions. Other features being incorporated include extensive green belt cover, rainwater harvesting, 275 M tall chimneys, closed circuit cooling water system and state of the art electrostatic precipitators.

Hydroelectric Power Projects: The group is actively developing hydroelectric power generation capacity by leveraging on extensive experience in engineering and construction of mega hydroelectric power projects.